Dr. DiSpirito is the nicest, most pleasant dentist I've ever known. But that is only the beginning. He's a caring, capable, highly skilled professional. Having been a dental hygienist and involved in dentistry for many years, I know what excellent dentistry entails. I would not entrust the care of my teeth and mouth to anyone else. Dr. DiSpirito's office is lovely, comfortable and organized. His staff is congenial, attentive and skillful. The office engenders a feeling of confidence and yes, relaxation in me and I'm sure in all of his patients.
Janis S.

Dr. DiSpirito gave me a smile makeover with veneers in 1994 and I'm still getting compliments on my beautiful smile.
Sarah P.

My family and I have been Dr. DiSpirtito's patients since he began practicing dentistry. Professionally, he is highly skilled and extremely competent. He and his staff are sensitive and responsive to patients' concerns. Dr. DiSpirito's office exemplifies the highest quality dental care in a pleasant, comfortable, attractive, clean environment.
Harriet B.

I came to Dr. DiSpirito for the first time when my daughter was three years old. It was her birthday, and she thought her dental visit was all part of her birthday celebration. She is now 18 years old and she still enjoys coming to see Dr. DiSpirito. Everyone is always friendly and attentive. We love them!
Sue K.

The crown I recently had done looks just like a natural tooth. My wife couldn't even tell which one was a crown.
Marty L.

It is very comforting to have Dr. DiSpirito thoroughly explain each procedure until I fully understand what he will be doing. The staff is very pleasant, creating a comfortable, family atmosphere.
Daniel P.

When I got older, my periodontal health began to decline. Thanks to Dr. DiSpirito, at 81 years old, I am fortunate enough to have healthy gums and all my own teeth.
Philip M.

I have four children and each child's needs are met on an individual basis in a very caring, patient manner. All requests are met with a smile.
Eileen M.

I have always been terrified of any dental work…but Dr. DiSpirito and his staff make it so much easier to deal with. I travel over an hour just to stay with his practice.
Samantha G.

Dr. DiSpirito combines warmth, caring, and treatment; ably assisted by his staff, it makes going to the dentist an educational and health promoting event.
Dr. Jacques

My children love Dr. Neil and say, "It's fun!" That's a phrase I’m grateful to hear. Thanks to the caring, friendly staff, coming to the dentist is like visiting a friend.
Colleen D.

I've been going here since I was a child. My parents went here and even my grandparents went here. Now that I have a child of my own, you bet this is where she has been going. They are truly a great place to go, no matter how old or how young you are. They are awesome!
Rebecca A.

Outstanding dental care! Exceeds my expectations every single visit! Great office, professional, very friendly and caring! Dr DiSpirito alway's take's time to explain thing's he is going to be doing. I highly recommend this practice!
Cindi D.

Dr. DiSpirito and his staff are fantastic. He clearly communicates what he is doing throughout the appointment and the results are incredible!
Jake S.

Dr. DiSpirito always takes such great care of my mom. She's been going to him for years. Such professional staff.
Maryann L.